Norcor is currently in production of its Personal Information Carrier. In the near future, this product will be hitting the marketplace. It has many uses, both for the public and private sectors.


The Personal Information Carrier (PIC) is a tiny device, much like a Data Key that plugs into a USB port on your computer. The PIC comes with a specialized reader, so any personal information remains secure.


Applications of the PIC include the issuance of the PIC outfitted as a military-style dog-tag, which would contain all health records and other information for a particular soldier. The records could be easily accessed and updated anytime the PIC is presented during treatment.


The military is not the only organization which might benefit from using the PIC. Hospitals and other Heath Care Providers would be able to use a similar process for storing patient records on PICs or servers.


But the PIC is capable of storing more than health records. State and Local governments are considering overlaying the PIC into future drivers’ licenses. Patrolmen would be able to use the PIC Reader to obtain vehicle and driver license info.


The Personal Information Carrier will revolutionize the way personal information is stored and retrieved. If you are interested in more information, please contact our Sales Department at (704) 309-4101.



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